Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Introduction to My Blog: Spiritual Wine, Wisdom and Oil

Hello and welcome to my "Healing Blog" which has been established especially to be a resource and help for those who are hurt, wounded, and bound in spirit, soul or body.  If I haven't formally met you yet, I am Rev. Dr. Lalita R. Smith, fondly known to many as "Momma Lalita." The Lord has asked me to blog in order to "feed his lambs and sheep" and minister healing and deliverance to His people.  I am very delighted to make your acquaintance today.

This Blog will focus primarily on sharing information, scripture, strategies, and prayers that will help anyone who is bound (emotionally, sexually, by addictions, forms of darkness, oppression, sickness, disease, etc.). I will teach you to begin to know that freedom can be yours by divine right and the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. In John 10:10 we find Jesus saying:  "I am come that you might have life and that life more abundantly!" Prior to this it is stated: "The thief comes but for to steal, kill, and to destroy.

An area requiring much help today is people's lives is "inner healing, deliverance, and the casting out of devils." I have spent over three decades growing in wisdom, knowledge and expertise in these areas. Yes, although many may not agree, a born-again spirit-filled Believer can be plagued with demons, oppressive and destructive spirits and live bound by cycles of negative behavior from which they need deliverance. I will get into all that more fully in many future posts. Today, I want to help you make a decision that takes you forward into greater freedom.

In seeking the Lord, He chose Spiritual Wine, Wisdom (Bread) and Oil as the name of this Blog because that also represents some of the blessings our Heavenly Father who loves you and me so much have made available to us all. He desires to dispense on a daily basis, these three kingdom provisions found in Psalm 103:14 are:
  • Wine, (the fruit of revelation that comes from spending quality time in His word),
  • Wisdom aka (Bread) (the proper strategies to employ in using the Word to get results in our lives) -- I'm talking about lasting results...,and
  • Oil (the understanding we must have to know that without the power of the Holy Spirit who dwells on the inside of me, and you, we can do nothing!
As we begin to grow in revelation knowledge and understanding, we can begin to defeat demonic assign-ments set against us and live as "Overcomers" in this dark and sinful world. We can do this on the authority of Jesus's promise saying:  "In the world you will have tribulation, (sorrows, heartship, heartaches and trials), but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world!" (John  16:33) - Getting healing is crucial to your being prepared as the "Bride of Christ" ready for the Bridegroom when He calls.
I hope that is what you are searching for.... the power to live as an Overcomer! If it is, I invite you to become a follower of Spiritual Wine, Wisdom and Oil --and a financial supporter of the awesome work and ministry of LSMI - Lalita Smith Ministries International. If you want to be healed, make it a point to comment and get connected. Others will be sharing their testimonies of healing, deliverance and miracles. You can learn more by visiting my website:  http://www.lalitasmithinspiredwriter.com/ and you can connect with me on Facebook too by sending an add request to Lalita Smith and quote "Spiritual Wine Follower." I am looking forward to helping you experience wholeness! 

"Eating the Word of GOD Heartily Unto Wholeness!"
Dr. Lalita


  1. What a great blog. Looking forward to seeing how things grow. My prayers are with you. Keep up the good work.