Sunday, February 20, 2011

Adam and Eve’s Lament Aka: Fallen From Grace: (A Poem)

Adam: My joy is turned into bitter tears; My sentence of punishment now spans many years.

Eve:     The abode of Your Garden so luscious and good, is replaced with a cavern of darkness and gloom.

Adam:  When I fall from Your grace, into a cave I am sent; A prison of darkness, filled with  torturous offense. No longer the light of Your countenance will I see, nor of heavenly hosts who once attended unto me.

Eve:    No more Angelic melodies will ring in our ears; Neither shall the morning dew settle upon us for years.

Adam:  My heavenly visions are altered for sure! My status of glorious Son-ship has become obscure. From Gardens of Paradise, to caves filled with fears, My fallen estate evokes deep groanings, filling rivers of tears.

Eve:   The mercies that once overshadowed our souls has now been replaced with horrors, troubles and woes! For an Adversary lurks always at our feet, with wicked intentions to add further defeat!

Adam:  From an abode of joy, now to an eternity of darkness, I weep and repent for all the sorrows I’ve harnessed. Heavy with grief I now don’t wish to live, but dying is forbidden also, for that isn’t your will.

Eve:    Our bright natures are removed while the praises of Heaven barred; Paradise, that Holy Garden, fiery Cherubim fiercely guard.

Adam:  Outcasts we are, the world’s first transgressors too!  Yet alive by the merciful Word ~ Jesus ~ You!

Eve:      Let us never again desire to be like thee, For thou alone, O God, are exalted in righteousness – God of the Universe and the only Sovereign Deity!

The Poem is the Author’s Adpatation from Adam and Eve’s Point of View)
Written By: Lalita R. Smith © Saturday, July 3, 2010 @
Our Heavenly Father loves each one of us with deep, unconditional love, but like our first parents, He gives us instructions to obey. When we transgress His word, in His justice, there are consequences, appropriate for each offense.  I can identify with Adam and Eve's fallen position, because I also fell from grace during my lifetime as a Christian and recognize that there were consequences to endure as a result of my decisions. Proverbs 13:15 teaches that "Good understasnding wins favor, but the way of the unfaithful (transgressor) is hard" (The NIV Worship Bible). It has taken a long amount of time to fully recover, and the scars of those choices will live with me for the remainder of my life, and their impact on family members.  The good that has come forth, is a greater desire to live in greater intimacy with the Lord, and to teach others the truths I have learned.  I do not want to do anything that would offend Him or place me again outside of the Lord's grace and mercy. Let us all choose more carefully each day the things we will heed, giving thought to His commands, and striving to obey them fully. 
"Eating the Word of GOD Heartily Unto Wholeness!"
Dr. Lalita Smith

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